Father’s Factory Camera

Camera: Father’s Factory. Tee: Hart and Soul Apparel. Pants: Bluemark Handmade. Shoes: Just Shoes For Kids.

We won the cutest little wooden camera from Father’s Factory in an Instagram giveaway.  Since Oliver is photographed nearly every day for our blog/his brand influencing , I am always looking for ways to make photoshoots truly fun for him!  He immediately understood that he was being given his very own little camera.  He was very taken with it.  We won the 35mm Vintage Style Camera with a Flash and this is just perfect for a baby his age.  The size fits perfectly in his little fingers and he can easily hold it up to his eye and look through it.  It’s made of eco-friendly and high-quality materials, so it feels very real to him and will be a great, lasting toy that he can continue to play with (and I can use as a photoshoot prop!) for a long time!

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